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For OV and EV Issuance all applications must have:

1. The following  data sets must match in order for the certificate to be issued.

a. WHOIS data (for the domain name the SSL certificate is issued to) must match
b. a Third Party Directory (DUNS,, HOOVER etc.) and the
c. Government Database of the state your company is registered in.

2. Part of the OV and EV vetting process is phone verification. The Certificate authority will call the phone number on the third party directory to verify the SSL purchase, the person who ordered the certificate must be available on that number.

3. The information in the WHOIS database should also be used to generate CSR and fill out the SSLGURU contact form only if it matches the government database exactly.

For more information regarding OV and EV Validation please see the following link:

If your company is not publicly listed on a government database please complete the following form:

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